Year 30

Now Playing: “Moving On” by Marshmello

Flew to a few cool places.
Saw some amazing artists, musicians and Broadway shows.
Yelled at a lot of sporting events.
Ate a lot of really great food.
But was still able to lose a little bit of weight.
Attended my first music festivals.
Watched my sister marry her mister.
Took a lot of selfies with Inang.
Got out of credit card debt.
Missed Kanye and Day for Night.
Was completely jaded this holiday season.
Rang in the New Year beautifully, at home on the couch with my pups.
Burned out on a job at a company I still love dearly.
Visited the Motherland, said goodbye to my grandmother.
Started to rediscover what my passions are.
Gave my heart away twice, broke a few in the process, and never got any of those pieces back.
Lost my first little furbaby; won’t ever get that piece of my heart back, either.

didn’t write, play, or sing enough, but

Had some crazy adventures full of stories I never thought I’d be telling
With a cast of characters who certainly made things interesting
Some of whom I’ll never see again
And that’s probably for the better
Others who quickly became the type of friends who were able to see me through some insanely dark times
The type of friends who become family
And the rest who have been there since day 1 – my blood, my bests
Who know they’re in for a ride with whatever is in store
None of us knowing what that could be
And being excited and fearful of that notion, both at the same time

I see you, 31.
What you got?