Welcome Back to Petaluma, CA

The hills are alive… in Petaluma.

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I didn’t know about this place until about 2013 or 2014 or so. I know. Shameful, Jillian. It’s called geography, freaking learn about it. I was introduced to this charming little town of ~6,000 people or so by my (then soon-to-be) godsister Amy, and quickly learned in 2015 that this magic place truly must be where love grows.

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My first visit in 2015 for Jace and Amy’s wedding restored my belief that people can fall in love and display affection publicly and not have it be gross or nauseating but instead actually really heartwarming and awe-inspiring. Yo, Petaluma – you did that. Y’all did that. Thank you. From the bottom of the heart that I’m told that I have *tear

And I’m serious about the “where love grows” thing. Five minutes later (and in the spring of 2016, specifically), Jace and Amy brought my adorable little nephew, Malachi, into this world. In fact, we’re celebrating his birthday next week.

Sweet baby Chi

Being back in Petaluma is exactly what the doctor ordered. The first order of business was a visit to the rolling-on-a-river-err-creek hills of Ricafrente Ranch, adjacent to the hill on which Jace and Amy were married just a short little while ago.

Auntie Jing & Malachi
View of the Ricafrente Ranch hills

No son ever loved his papa so
Hold on tight, Malachi! Safe in his mama’s arms
Crazy Tita Jing. What a (veggie) HAM

And OMG OLD CHICAGO PIZZA. Y’ALL. I had been dreaming about a slice of this heaven ever since I knew I was coming back to Petaluma.

all the childhood memories I have that include trouble also include these two

A shared pie and a few brews over bikes with my lifelong bros was the perfect welcome back to this charming little town I’m calling home from now until… well… who knows? *slanty-wink-emoji