Thug Lyfe

A coldfront has wafted into Houston, dropping the temperatures into the 40’s. However, if you were to ask Inang, she would insist that Houston was experiencing subzero climates, “so don’t forget to wear your bonnet.”

In preparation for bed tonight (and in anticipation of an arctic chill), Inang wrapped a pink handkerchief around her neck to keep her throat warm. When I checked on her before bed, I couldn’t suppress my giggles and literally LOL’ed at the sight.

Behold, Inang the Bandit.

I explained to her that one might describe her as “thugged out,” which was a statement that was completely lost on her. She did, however, grasp this directive fully:

“Make your scariest, most menacing face EVER. No, no smiling. SCARY, Inang.”

“Pick up after yourself, or I will shank you.”