Because, Inevitably, We All F*ck Up

The really successful people are the ones who know what to do when their plan doesn’t work out.

Five strategies for facing change and overcoming life’s challenges without resentment.
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“We’re told that successful people have plans. That’s true, but the really successful people are the ones who know what to do when their plan doesn’t work out. The key is learning how to let go of a plan that isn’t serving you.”

Life at the Speed of Light

Just a quick note from the middle of a hurricane:

  • That thing I’ve been needing to do for the past five years? I’m one step closer to doing it.
  • That second thing I’ve been needing to do for the past five years? Nowhere close to doing it.
  • That third thing I’ve been needing to do for the past ten years? I did it.

On Family Matters

My baby sister moves to California in a week’s time to A) abandon me, B) make me feel like my career choices are substandard, C) find me a husband, and D) make my heart swell with pride and joy as she begins her doctorate of physical therapy program at Loma Linda University.

The DeAsis Family Reunion 2012 is on its way and will be tearing it up getting people accosted and arrested debuting great times at Lake Tahoe in July. Plans are slowly coming together and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my awesome cousins Presley, Jonathan, Danny, and Christine. Oh, and of course the sister. But she’s already been mentioned in this post and I don’t want her to get swept up in her own self-inflicted delusions of grandeur.

My angel-on-earth and ever-awesome grandmother, Inang, is doing well. Aches and pains in her knees and back are becoming more bothersome and there have been some scares with her blood sugar, but other than that she’s still trucking along, watching Toddlers & Tiaras and dancing to Jersey Shore re-runs. I took her to Starbucks the other day and got her a sugar-free hazelnut soy latte for the first time. She loved it and made me promise to get her those from now on. I’ll probably substitute the soy with real milk next time, as her blood sugar jumped up to 170. Bad Jillian. This is why you could never be a doctor.

My family and I had a photo shoot last Friday with our favorite photographer, Kimberly Chau. She has been photographing us for years. This time, we opted for a casual shoot in Uptown Park, sporting navy and coral attire. Brodie was naked. Pictures coming soon.

On the Career Path

I couldn’t be happier with my career situation. Blood, sweat and tears? I’ve invested them… I’m still investing them… and my, how sweet are the fruits of my labor. It’s so encouraging being around people who are just as excited about what you do as you are, seeing the support you have for one another, and then being able to deploy a great product with fantastic service. Nothing beats that. I am finally where I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to be.

Also, my firm is currently looking for graphic designers (2-3 years of experience preferred) and Magento (eCommerce platform) developers. If you fit the bill for either or both positions… gimme a shout!

On the Love Life


Other Miscellaneous Items

  • My finances are crap… again. I’ve never been good with money. My goal for this month is to buckle down and nail myself down to a super firm budget. Dave Ramsey, I’ll make you proud.
  • I’m almost done writing the framework for a new Western-themed Christmas musical I’m going to have my kids perform this holiday season. “Room at the Inn” already has a summary and outline of scenes. I’ve even completed two songs and just need to get the chords down on paper (they’re somewhere in my head; who knows how easily I’ll fish them out?)
  • Another goal for this month is to do my vegetable garden. And I’d be lying if I said it was an attempt to be more green or be more healthy. While those are great, I’m really doing it because it angers me how much I spend on produce that goes bad so quickly. I’m a single person household… how dare you make me buy the bunch!
  • My Pinterest account is all a-buzz with decorating ideas and plans for new furniture. I’m thinking of repainting my living room silver and accenting with bright colors like turquoise, red and purple (different shades… I haven’t decided). I’ve found a bunch of prints on Etsy with quotes from my favorite authors or literary works that I’d like to blow up. I contacted the artist and she’s agreed to do custom sizes for me. I just need to get the new couch and finalize how big I’d want the prints to be.

Growing up can be exciting, but it can also be the pits. Lord, help me focus on the former rather than the latter. You’ve given me the good while I’ve danced for the rain of bad; in this time of evolution at the beginning of my 26th year, you’re opening doors for me to places I’ve never been nor could have ever dreamed of going. Give me the courage to step through and follow You.