I thought you were asleep.
I cannot sleep. I’m nervous.
Nervous? Why?
My heart cannot stop beating. It’s beating fast. I just keep thinking.
What are you thinking about?
My life.
What about your life?
That I might die.
No way. You’re still going to live a very long time.
(pauses) I’m just nervous. I cannot stop nervousing.
What are you so worried about?
What if I wake up in the night, and I cannot walk to the commode?
That doesn’t mean you’re about to die. That just means you need to wake me up when you wake up so I can help you. Do you want me to sleep in your bed with you tonight?
No, not anymore.
Then how can I help you?
(contemplates silently, then smiles) Maybe you could massage my knees.
(complying, begins massaging)
(sighs with relief) Ay, thank you. But you know, I really cannot stop nervousing… You could massage my feet also?