Mom is in the Philippines, which means sleepovers with Inang for the next six weeks. Our schedule is for me to spend the night with Inang Tuesdays through Thursdays.

We’re going to get ourselves in a ton of trouble, I’m sure 😉

I arrived a bit late tonight on account of needing to practice for a wedding I’m playing in this weekend. I expected for Inang to be sound asleep since it was 10:00 pm (two hours after her typical bed time).

And what do I see when I walk upstairs? Inang playing around on YouTube!

Is she really my grandma or what?

She made it a point to tell me, “When Uncle George was here, the iPad wasn’t working. But now that I took a nap, I just press-press and found the Ilocano music.” I swear there was a glimmer of pride in her voice. And who can blame her!