Just A Reminder (Thank You, Guatemala)

This past February, I had the privilege of spending six glorious days in Antigua, Guatemala. During that week, I threw myself in the local culture, regional cuisine, vivacious music and the Guatemalan art of celebrating life and beauty.

Then I came back to Texas and forgot all about it.

Not too long ago (and almost providentially, if you think about it), a new friend of mine that I met while in Guatemala sent me this photograph he took of me during our hike up Pacaya Volcano:

Sitting atop Pacaya Volcano. Photo courtesy of David Morrison (www.travelandcredit.com)

Pacaya wasn’t an easy climb, and if you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ll remember the summary of the experience I posted in my Pacaya photo album. When David sent me this photograph, I tried desperately to remember what I was looking at and what views I beheld. I tried not to cheat by looking at my photos, but it was hard not to. Then I stumbled upon this:

Pacaya Volcano at sunset. Photo courtesy of Jenny Robicheaux McKinney.

And then it hit me. Ahh, I said to myself. I was looking at the view… but looking for God. 

To be perfectly honest, my trip to Guatemala wasn’t simply to enjoy the company of one of my favorite cousins, observe the operations of an amazing e-learning start-up company, or paint the town red in a different country. I knew I was going to discover something about myself– or rather, rediscover something that is so easily lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

That is exactly what I saw when I looked over the clouds in Pacaya– the illustration of something that is something bigger, something better, something more beautiful that I can ever hope to understand or see for myself. The illustration that shows me I am part of something bigger, something better, something more beautiful than I can ever comprehend… and the realization that the Man behind it all loves me and wants me to be a part of it. When I feel weak, it’s all right because He is strong. When I feel little, it’s okay… because He’s bigger than anything that can hurt me or cause me harm.

How this experience changed me, I’ll never be able to fully express. But, to put it simply, I am so grateful.

Help me remember Your goodness, mercy, grace and love… every single day, no matter where I am. Thank you, Lord.