Dia del Carino (a.k.a. Why Kelly Kim Needs To Watch It)


Catching up on emails in my personal account (I’ve made sure to keep up with work emails, thankyouverymuch) and saw this in my Gmail.

My eyes were *thisclose* to popping out of their sockets when I saw the subject line. Thoughts raced in my head, all along the lines of “who the eff has the audacity to tell me I can get engaged on Valentines Day?!”

Once I got the gist that all poor Kelly Kim wanted to tell me was that I could digitally “engage” (way to kill a buzz word in a whole new way, Kelly), I no longer wanted to curse her on behalf of the Lonely Hearts Club. But if there was ever a reason for better subscriber demographics- especially on user marital status and how they feel about said status- this is the one.

And Kelly, if you must know: I had a wonderful time “engaging” in the Guatemalan celebration of Dia del Carino, or Day of Caring, this February 14th. This year, I chose to fulfill two objectives:

1. Celebrate all of the meaningful relationships in my life, all those who have impacted my life positively without judgment, bias or condition. I thank God for each and every one of you.

2. Learn to find contentment in my single status, knowing Happiness is a choice. Life is a celebration, and there are amazing sights to see, wonderful people to meet, breathtaking experiences to be had and blissful joys to encounter… por mí mismo.

And that, my friends, is what I have decided makes it fun 😉

Buenas noches de Guatemala!