Passive Aggressive Subliminals AKA “Currently Listening To:”

To every girl who ever felt like they weren’t worth the fight,
or gave more than they ever took,
or lost so much only to want to love more and let the light out despite what it did to you:

The man worth all those things is the one whose efforts match or exceed your own,
who recognizes the prize and what’s at stake
and won’t let you slip through his fingers like sand

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Work Hard, Love Hard

With hard work being the love language we were taught as kids, this release by Santangelo especially (pardon the pun) strikes a chord.

My viewpoint on love is extremely skeptical, but I will say this- if it does happen to me (and I hope everyone is able to prove me wrong), I’ll know it to be true because the affection that person has for me will be characterized with the hard work I had a privilege of witnessing in my parents’ relationships with one another growing up.

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So What You’re Saying Is… We Can?!

Oh ladies, he’s done it again. And you thought nothing would ever knock “Lemonade” off that pedestal.

Silly us.

Now Playing: “We Can” by Passion

Passion’s “We Can” is the you-and-me theme song the old couple from “Up” would have had if they were a pair of Filipino-American cutie pies, eager and excited to get their lives together started, full of love, laughter, and passport stamps.

So pretty much, if you’re Us the Duo.

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