Lean, Mean, Juice-Drinkin’ Machine

Grandma’s asked for green smoothies almost every night this week, so I’ve been playing around with ingredients to find out what she likes best.

Tonight’s concoction was kale, parsley, banana, peach, and apple.


Grandma’s response: “Did you remember to make a lot?” I think we have a winner! 

Lake Taco

Tonight, Grandma wanted to reminisce about our family reunion that took place last year at “Lake Taco.”

“It’s not Lake Taco. A taco is what you eat.”
“What do you say?”
“Lake TAHOE.”
Taho is what you eat also!”

Could you imagine a lake full of this stuff?

Steal My Heart Away

Inang: Did you alarm the house?
Me: No, I didn’t want to.
Inang: Why not?
Me: I want a robber to come.
Inang: A what?
Me: A robber.
Inang: Your lover?

(awkward pause)

HAHAHA just kidding. You never have one.


When I say Inang was beastin’ on some bicho bicho (Filipino donuts) at Auntie Elsie’s today, I mean it quite literally.

I don’t blame her though. They were pretty good.

Sometimes, Doctors, You Can Suck It

Now, now – before everyone gets their panties in a knot, let my preface this by saying many people I know, love, cherish, and hold dear to my heart are physicians or hold doctorate degrees. This post isn’t aimed towards them.

However, this post IS aimed towards doctors who quickly label an ailment with its corresponding pill or treatment. “Oh, you’ve got X and Y? Take Z! Take Z for the rest of your life!”

Earlier today, I posted this picture of Inang with the following caption:

My grandma is clearly unhappy about the new regimen on which the doctors have her. Feel better soon, Inang

Immediately, friends and loved ones started posting concerned comments:


  • Mrs. Doran was my fifth grade teacher, fed my unnatural obsession with the Beatles when I was ten, went to my 18th birthday party, and is pretty much one of the most awesome people ever
  • Inang loves Leslie too
  • Apparently, my cousin Ram-Ram liked this picture, but whatever

And the last fact – everyone on this thread was right!

Americans and Westerners in general are always so quick to throw a pill down our throats when we’re not feeling well. These medicines only fix the symptoms, people – and not the causes. 

Don’t let yourself be one of those people. That’s the real reason Inang’s frowning in that picture.