I love what I do for a living, but these last ten years, I’ve done a very poor job of separating how I make a living from, well, actually living. So cliched, millenial and first world, huh? Yet, the struggle is so so real, and I’m hoping you’ll allow me to be honest and raw with all the real talk, random musings, and maybe even recipes (because I love food and alliterations) you’ll find here.

Thus, it’s important to say that everything you’ll find here (amidst the gadgets and gizmos a-plenty) are my thoughts and opinions alone, and do not reflect the thoughts, opinions, values, doctrines, mantras, rules, regulations, etc. of anyone else I love, admire, cherish, am affiliated or associated with, or have represented/ worked for at one point in time (cue song here). Especially my grandma, Inang the Great. She’s my angel lady and I won’t have you messing with her.

Additionally, my Twitter feed is garbage and my Instagram is full of food and Grandma photos (you’re welcome).

Storyteller, Reader, Music Maker, Eater.

Oh woman, thy name is mischief!
 And woman, thy name is dame

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with storytelling – especially through the pages of a book, the tune of a song, or the grace and percussion of a dance. Then, when I got a little bit older and my parents bought our first family computer, I was excited to learn (during the wee hours of the night and without their permission), that I could use it to tell stories in a digital space. My first website was a poetry website where I posted about how hard life is when you are twelve years old (I still stand by this, 100%). My second website was an “About Jillian” website much like this one (and it was probably a better one, too).

The Professional Stuff

Digital Brand & Reputation Management ▵ Social Media Consulting
Interactive Media ▵ Online Marketing ▵ Search Engine Optimization
Corporate & Private Event Planning
Available For Speaking Engagements

I also play a sick violin
(and am available for birthdays and bar mitzvahs too)


Year 30

Now Playing: “Moving On” by Marshmello Flew to a few cool places. Saw some amazing artists, musicians and Broadway shows. Yelled at a lot of sporting events. Ate a lot of really great food. But was still able to lose a little bit of weight. Attended my first music festivals. Watched my sister marry her …